Trondheim Chamber Music Festival 22-29 SEPTEMBER 2024

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Every year we depend on friendly and hardworking volunteers to help us create the festival. We need volunteers for several different tasks. We have a total of eight groups that you can choose from. All groups are managed by a project leader who oversees their group, assign shifts, and send out necessary information.

Information meeting: 
Monday 4 September 2023 at 19.00 at Dokkhuset. 
Here we will present the project managers and the festival programme.

We offer:
As a thank you for your efforts as a volunteer you will get free access to concerts, the festival t-shirt and an invitation to the volunteer party and Christmas lunch. We will do what we can to give you musical and social experiences that stay with you for a long time!

We want you to:
Be friendly, enthusiastic, and hardworking!

Please contact volunteer manager at email anne(a) if you have any questions. 

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We warmly welcome you to volunteer with us in 2023! 

Click here to register as a volunteer. 



Everyone should have the opportunity to volunteer at Kamfest. If you need facilitation, we want you to contact us directly so that we can give you a good volunteer experience.



This group is responsible for distribution of the festival magazine, flyers, and posters in Trondheim and the surrounding area before and during the festival. We are looking for people who are available in the period before the festival, and people with and without a driver’s licence.


This group works with ticketing and audience management at the different concert venues. As a ticket seller/checker and audience manager you will be in contact with the audience, and you should contribute to informing them about the festival programme and guide them with a service minded attitude. Ticket checkers help with admission to the concerts and stand guard by the emergency exits. Ticket sellers will receive necessary training in our ticket and payment systems ahead of the festival. Working hours are mainly at night.


The rigging crew are hands on during setup and wrap up at the venues, they transport instruments and assist with technical rig if necessary. Some of the work can be physically demanding. Work hours vary, and we need people from early morning to late nights. 


This group is based at our festival office at the Corner Stage at Olavshallen (entrance from Olav Tryggvasons gate). The tasks vary from accreditation and ticket sales to answering questions from the audience, artists and others. As an office volunteer you will be in direct contact with all the people at the festival, and we are especially looking for organized and service minded workers. You will get all necessary training in using our ticket and payment systems. The work is divided in two shifts between 10:00 and 18:00. 


The catering group serves food and refreshments at the different venues to artists, project leaders and volunteers. Catering workers will perform simple kitchen tasks, and we are looking for service minded and tidy people for this job. 


This group transports artists and guests to, from and around the festival. We need serious and experienced people with good driving skills. Most transport is to and from the airport, but there is also some driving in the city. Work hours vary from early mornings to late nights, and we also need drivers in the days before and after the festival week. You do not need to have a car of your own as the festival will provide this for your shifts. 


Fargespill Trondheim is a magnificent show with children and youth from all over the world who perform alongside professional musicians. In 2023 they will be rehearsing from the weekend of week 37 and throughout week 38 (the week before the festival). We need someone who can help us during the day and some afternoons. This is truly a rewarding project to be a part of. Please get in touch if you have any questions. Click here to read more about Fargespill. 


Do you want to work closely with our chamber music academy TICC (Trondheim Chamber Music Competition & Academy)? This group guides the ensembles through the weeks master classes leading up to the academy’s closing concert. Click here to read more about TICC.