Trondheim Chamber Music Festival 24. SEPTEMBER-1. OCTOBER 2023

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About the festival

Since its humble beginnings, Trondheim Chamber Music Festival has been an adventure.

The Trondheim Chamber Music Festival was established in 1996 as a small festival featuring friends and musicians from Trondheim, run by two friends from a studio bedroom and various café tables around Trondheim. Years later it has become one of the most innovative chamber music festivals in the world, based at Dokkhuset in the heart of Trondheim. The festival is attracting attention from all over the world.

Chamber music is communication on a high level, intimate, beautiful and challenging. Chamber music holds a central place in the hearts of and in the production of, our most respected and beloved composers of all periods. Since 1996 the festival has aimed to find the balance between being innovative, audience friendly and presenting a program of high quality. Through the festival, the Trondheim International Chamber Music Competition & Academy (TICC), give young international and national chamber music ensembles, the chance to develop their career.

The Festival aims to be a yearly international and national arena for chamber music in different genres of high quality and innovation, based in Trondheim. Already in 1996 the Trondheim Chamber Music Festival had a program which was of international standard. The establishment of TICC has helped attract a great deal of international attention to the festival, as has the presentation of the festival composer program. Ensemble music of high quality is not genre defined or art specific and therefore the festival presents concerts combining music with literature, dance, food and the fine arts. 


The Trondheim Chamber Music Festival has an ambition to feature the best young chamber music ensembles. We believe that young musicians of high international quality will inspire, fascinate and attract a young audience. And the classical scene needs a young audience! As part of this development Trondheim Int. Chamber Music Competition, TICC was established in 2000, the first international chamber competition in Norway. The competition seeks student ensembles and young professional ensembles. It has had much international attention and receives applications from all over the world. Every second year the competition takes place, with the Academy being held in alternate years.

Making a contribution to the local music life is a very important aim for the festival which is arranged every September to cater for the city’s inhabitants as well as the students who at this time have returned to Trondheim after summer vacation. The festival artists are involved in a lot of different activities together with the local music life, such as playing with local musicians, giving seminars and master classes at the NTNU Music Institute.

The Trondheim Chamber Music Festival has prioritized marketing and the way the festival is seen from the outside. By active use of social media and creative marketing stunts the festival is generating a lot of interest.

By presenting something extraordinary, the festival has managed to attract the attention of both the regular concert audience as well as those who are not generally to be seen in concert halls. In the last five years the percentage of students and young people has been around 50%. This is quite unique in today’s classical music world!


Read more about Trondheim International Chamber Music Competition and Academy here.


The foundation of Trondheim kammermusikkfestival (Stiftelsen Trondheim kammermusikkfestival) was founded 23. December 1996.

Board members in Stiftelsen Trondheim kammermusikkfestival
Magnus Norum Skoglund (chairman of the board)
Frode Hofstad
Ivar Roger Hansen
Marie Jacobsen Lauvås      
Marte Løvik
Margrethe Markussen
Rune Bratseth
Eli Smeplass (alternate member)
Ingeborg Lund (alternate member)

Sigmund Tvete Vik (festival director)
Thekla Nyberg (producer)
Kristin Reigstad (director Trondheim Int. Chamber Music Competition)

Artistic councel
Sigmund Tvete Vik (artistic director)
Kristin Reigstad
Marianne Thorsen
Eirik Hegdal

Trondheim Chamber Music Festival is a member of Norske Festivaler and Festivalnettverk Trøndelag.


Trondheim is a lively and buzzing university city. It’s Norway’s third-biggest city and was once the medieval Norwegian capital founded more than 1000 years ago by King Olav Trygvasson. Trondheim is today well known for its rich medieval history, historical wooden architecture and a rich cultural scene. Trondheim can also offer an active holiday with mountains close by as well as sea activities.

Location: County of Sor-Trondelag / Trondelag
Status: city
Area: approximately 131 square miles / 340 square kilometres
Population: approximately 190 000 (Oct. 2016)
Language: Norwegian
Currency: Norwegian Kroner (NOK)
World time zone: UTC / GMT +1
Country code: +47
Average daily Trondheim January temperature: -3,1°C / 33°F
Average daily Trondheim July temperature: 19°C / 66°F

Getting here
Situated in central Norway, Trondheim is easily accessible whatever your choice of transportation would be. By plane you will land at Trondheim's modern airport at Værnes (32 km from the city). If you come by train you can relax and look at the unique Norwegian countryside. If you are coming from the south of Norway you can drive through the majestic Dovre mountains. Another special way to visit Trondheim is by the coastal express which will give you a chance to experience Norway's spectacular coast line.

Trondheim Airport Værnes is situated 32 kilometres north-east of the city. You can make easy connections to Trondheim from anywhere in Europe. Most of the airlines have direct flights to capitals around Europa. Traveling to Trondheim from other continents you will have to have one connecting flight 8mostof the in Oslo, Stockholm or Copenhagen). There are more than 40 daily flights to/from Norway's capital Oslo.


The airport bus runs every 15 minutes and stops at many of the central hotels and central connection points. The airport buss takes about 45 minutes from the airport to central Trondheim.

Trondheim has train connections to Stockholm, Sweden and of course to both the northern and southern parts of Norway with several daily departures/arrivals. It’s also possible to travel by train from the rest of Europa to Trondheim. Plan your journey by train here.

Hurtigruten, or the coastal express, the famous shipping line between Bergen and Kirkenes, calls at Trondheim harbour every day of the year, both on its northbound and southbound journeys.
For more information and to plan your journey: Hurtigruten - The Norwegian Coastal Voyage

The journey from Oslo to Trondheim takes about 7-8 hours, as does the journey from Bergen to Trondheim. The scenery is diverting and spectacular driving through small towns and over the beautiful Dovre Mountains. You might even see a musk ox!
Plan your own trip with Google Maps.

Trondheim has a variety of accommodation, from hotels to hostel (only during the summer). It’s recommended to book accommodation in advance since the hotels often is fully booked due to football, festivals, conferences, pilgrims etc.

Our festival hotel is Clarion Collection® Hotel Grand Olav.

For more information and booking: 

For more information about staying in Trondheim, see Visit Trondheim

The cultural scene
Trondheim has a rich cultural life. The city has a modern theatre with a long history and a well-established position in Scandinavia. The symphony orchestra and Trondheim Soloists is also popular and has been on many successful international tours. The city's concert hall, Olavshallen, has excellent acoustics and features top-line performers throughout the year. The Ringve Museum of musical history, housed in beautiful old buildings, has developed into a gem among museums. Nidaros Cathedral has developed into a thriving church music center. Many concerts during the many festivals in Trondheim takes place in this spectacular cathedral. It’s also a destination for pilgrims. In the city centre you will find that Trondheim is a popular stop for many top performers in rock, jazz, classical music, blues, swing and much more.

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