Trondheim Chamber Music Festival 22-29 SEPTEMBER 2024

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Tidspunkt ikon
Tue 26. Sep - 10:00
Wed 27. Sep - 10:00
Thu 28. Sep - 09:30
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Free Mason Hall



Albéniz Trio – ES/NL
Amelio Trio – DE
Trio Castus – KR
Holm Trio – DK/SE
Trio Incendio – CZ
Trio Luminescense – FR
Paddington Trio – FI/IE/US
Rilian Trio – CA
Trio Tokava – MY/TW/US

First round: Piano trios by Mozart, Beethoven, Ravel and Shostakovich.

Second round: Piano trios by Ellen Lindquist (commissioned work), Brahms, Dvorak, Schumann and Mendelssohn.

Tomorrow's international chamber music stars visit Trondheim, and you have the opportunity to come and listen!

Nine selected piano trios will compete in three rounds for prize money, recognition and, above all, a career on the international music scene. This year's piano trios maintain a sky-high level, and several are already prize winners in international competitions. The competition is open to the public. Welcome to the first and second rounds of the competition, 26, 27 and 28 September, in the Free Mason Hall.

First round, day 1: Tuesday 26 September
10:00 Albéniz Trio
11:00 Holm Trio
12:00 Paddington Trio
14:00 Trio Castus 
15:00 Trio Luminescense

First round, day 2: Wednesday 27 September
10:00 Rilian Trio
11:00 Trio Tokava
12:00 Amelio Trio
14:00 Trio Incendio
Announcement of the second round at approximately 15:45

Second round: Thursday 28 September
09:30 Ensemble A
10:15 Ensemble B
11:00 Ensemble C
12:45 Ensemble D
13:30 Ensemble E

Announcement of finalists at approximately 14:45

Click here to read more about the competition.