Trondheim Chamber Music Festival 23.-29. September 2019

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Sat 30. Sep - 21:00
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Opus 72017

325,- / 150,- (stud.)

Unni Boksasp Ensemble:
Unni Boksasp, vocals and zitter
Trygve Brøske, organ
Guro Kvifte Nesheim, fiddle and hardanger fiddle
Magne Vestrum, bass
Petter Berndalen, percussion

Marianne Meløy - direction and script aid

One of Edvard Grieg’s most famous works is Slåtter for piano, opus 72. The work is based on seventeen fiddle tunes after famous Hardanger fiddle player Knut Dahle. Unni Boksasp and her ensemble have immersed themselves in the fiddle works by Dahle and Grieg’s opus 72. In 2017, they present their own «Opus 72017» - a concert of songs, tunes and arrangements strongly inspired by Dahle and Grieg.

In cooperation with Dokkhuset Scene and TrondheimFOLK.