Trondheim Chamber Music Festival 23.-29. September 2019

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Fri 28. Sep - 21:30
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Ferstad Gård

Sold Out! Moddi - Up Close

325,-/150,- (stud.)

Pål Moddi Knutsen


Musician, composer and writer Pål Moddi Knutsen toured in 2017 with his fascinating project Unsongs – forbidden songs from 12 different countries. His first book Forbidden Songs was released the same year. To Trondheim Chamber Music Festival and Ferstad farm he arrives like he always does – barefoot and with guitar in hand. Moddi has an unique ability to get close and personal with his audience – don’t miss out on this intimate
performance in an old barn.

The bar opens at 21.00.


In collaboration with Riis Bilglass.