Trondheim Chamber Music Festival 24. SEPTEMBER-1. OCTOBER 2023

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Valentin Silvestrov

Ukraine's foremost living composer and a passionate advocate of Ukrainian culture. After a period of avant-garde music, he made a musical turnaround in the 70s, and since then he has developed his own style that can be compared to Western postmodernism. The name he has given this style is metamusic, also known as metaphorical music. His beautiful and melancholic music is popular worldwide and the little piece Postlude no. 3 has been played over 11 million times on Spotify! Silvestrov has been awarded a number of prizes and is considered one of the most important composers of his generation.

About Valentin Silvestrov
Active composer and pianist
1937: Born in Kyiv, Ukraine
1958-64: Studies at the Kiev Conservatory
1997: Award of the Ukrainian Order of Merit 3rd class
2022: OPUS Klassik Lifetime Achievement Award

Creative periods
1960-1963: Dodecaphonic
1964-1969: Avant-garde
1970-1973: different stylistic systems depending on "essential unity"
1974-1989: "metaphorical style"
1990-: the concept of "metamusic", the search for a "universal style"
2001-: focus on small musical genres for various instrumentations and a cappella choral music

Photo: Lili Viter