Trondheim Chamber Music Festival 24. SEPTEMBER-1. OCTOBER 2023

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Berit Cardas

Berit Cardas plays both the viola and the violin and is frequently appearing as a soloist on both instruments. She is an active chamber music teacher and the workshops she does combining her background in theater improvisation and chamber music have become very popular. Berit is also a sought-after leader of chamber orchestras with her original and uncompromising view on music making. In 1984 she founded the Vertavo String Quartet, where she has changed back and forth between 1st, 2nd violin and viola. The quartet is still going strong, with an interesting and steady career, including regular visits to exciting festivals and great venues like Wigmore Hall, Carnegie Hall and the Amsterdam Concertgebow. Berit and the Vertavo String Quartet have visited TICC the Trondheim Chamber Music Festival several times, most recently as academy instructors and festival artists in 2020.  

Read more on the Vertavo String Quartet´s website.

Photo: Anna Julia Granberg