Trondheim Chamber Music Festival 24. SEPTEMBER-1. OCTOBER 2023


The program for the 27th Trondheim Chamber Music Festival is ready

Publisert: 27/06/2022

For the 27th consecutive year we welcome you to the Trondheim Chamber Music Festival, to be held from the 18th to the 25th of September 2022. This year´s Festival Composer will be none other than Olga Neuwirth. Two renowned string quartets are coming - the Tetzlaff Quartet and the Quatuor Confluence. We will be featuring double basses, music of Schubert, the Norwegian Soloist Choir and «Hyfer» the Norwegian University of Technology´s (NTNU) new festival of Arts and Science. Not to mention the exciting At-home-with concert series, as well as a great performance by Kaleidoscope Trondheim, young immigrants sharing their culture, with the Royal Norwegian Air Force Band. The opening concert promises to be something quite out of the ordinary - a wandering concert through the art gallery K-U-K.

The major international event will be the world premiere of Olga Neuwirth´s Double Concerto for Cello, Percussion and Orchestra, says Festival Director Sigmund Tvete Vik. Austrian Neuwirth has been a featured composer in concert halls and festivals all over Europe for the last thirty years, and we are delighted that she is able to play such a major role in this year´s festival.

Neuwirth´s Double Concerto was commissioned by the Norwegian percussionist Hans-Kristian Kjos Sørensen and we are thrilled that the World Premiere will be held as a part of the Trondheim Chamber Music Festival, in co-operation with the Trondheim Symphony Orchestra. «With two such fantastic performers as Sørensen and the cellist Tanja Tetzlaff we will be guaranteed a musical event of international format» says Tvete Vik.

Of great interest is also the silent movie showing of «Die Stadt ohne Juden» (The city without Jews). Neuwirth has written the music (in 2018) for this bitter, satirical film from 1924.
«Nearly 100 years after the film was made, the story is unfortunately still frighteningly relevant for today - systematic racism, people fleeing injustice and how this affects a community» says Festival Director Tvete Vik. The Trondheim Sinfonietta will be playing Neuwirth´s music live, accompanying the film, which promises to be a unique experience.

This year we will be co-operating closely with the NTNU´s new Festival for Arts and Science «Hyfer». The festival´s opening concert will be celebrating the wonderful musicians and music coming out of the University, including Håkon Magnus Skogstad´s prize-winning tango inspired piano concerto. There will also be an At-home-concert in the Aula of the historic Gløshaugen and Talent Saturday with students from NTNU´s Institute for Music.

The Trondheim Chamber Music Festival has, as every year, a program for children. This year will feature a live concert of «Sangfoni» from the popular children´s tv series from NRK and, not least, the hugely successful and optimistic Kaleidoscope Trondheim.


Foto: Harald Hoffmann