Trondheim Chamber Music Festival 23.-29. September 2019

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TICC Regional Concerts

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String Quartets from Trondheim International Chamber Music Competition

The quality of the string quartets participating in this year’s TICC is extraordinarily high. Nevertheless, not everyone will be able to reach the final. As part of TICC, several of the ensembles will put on public concerts around Trøndelag to make sure an even larger audience get to know these very talented quartets.

Friday September 29
11.30: Nordlåna, Nord Universitet, Levanger
18.00: At home with Flataune Johansen – Hammerslia 16, Buvika, Skaun kommune

Saturday September 30
13.00: Thamspaviljongen, Orkanger
13.00: Levanger Kulturkirke
14.00: Lørdagsvrimmel, Kimen Kulturhus, Stjørdal