Trondheim Chamber Music Festival 22-29 SEPTEMBER 2024

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Tidspunkt ikon
Sun 01. Oct - 11:00
Sun 01. Oct - 13:00
Sted ikon
Hallbauer, Ringve Musikkmuseum


kr 200

Ola Marius Ryan, tenor
Lars Eggen, baritone
Tor Haugerud, percussion
Amalia Fonfara, ceremony
Berit Haltvik With, hats and costumes
Lise Hovik, director

Suitable for 0-1 year olds accompanied by an adult.

Opera seeds, by Teater Fot in interaction with seeds and trees in Ringve botanical garden, is a beautiful experience, specially designed for babies and new parents. With ritual rhythms and warm operatic voices, well-known melodies from Vivaldi are sung and babbled.

Buy your tickets for the concert at 11:00 here.

Buy your tickets for the concert at 13:00 here.


Nearest bus stop: Ringve Museum (line 20) or Lade Idretts-anlegg (line 2).

In collaboration with Ringve Musikkmuseum.


Photo: Anne Line Bakken