Trondheim Chamber Music Festival 22.-29. September 2019

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Sun 22. Sep - 15:00
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Ferstad gård

Exhibition opening: The Riis-collection



Arve Tellefsen, violin

Joakim Røbergshagen, violin

JuniorSolistene with artistic leader Sigmund Tvete Vik



Bach: from Concert for two violins in d-minor.

Vivaldi: Autumn from The Four Seaons 

and more.


Do not miss out when the amazing Riis collection is on public display for the first time in 50 years. This is Norway's second largest private art collection, with more than 250 post-war oil paintings, prints and lithographs. Followed by a concert with the one and only Arve Tellefesn, Joakim Røbergshagen and the Junior Soloists.