Trondheim Chamber Music Festival 19.-26. SEPTEMBER 2021

Tidspunkt ikon
Tue 21. Sep - 12:00
Sted ikon
Peter Egges plass


Free entrance

Bjørn Rørvik, author
Martin Smidt, drums
Ingrid Haarsaker Olaussen, vocal
Kjerstin Elisabeth Smidt, vocal
Rolf Martin Snustad, saxophone/vocal
Bendik Lund Haanshus, guitars
Erlend Smalås, bass, tuba and vocal
Terje Bratberg, city historian

 Get outside and join the grand opening day at Peter Egges plass with concerts and events.

Peter Egges plass has been declared a Children’s Square by the municipality, Koteng Eiendom has contributed with beautiful renovations and the festival with the huge street artwork «Everything is music. Music is everything».

12.00: Opening of Barnas torg by Ola By Rise, director of culture and sports in Trondheim municipality

12.15, 13.00 and 14.00: Bukkene bruse på badeland (only in Norwegian)

Bukkene bruse på badeland is a Norwegian book for children, written by Bjørn F. Rørvik, illustrated by Gry Moursund and published for the first time in 2009. The book is based on the fairy tale about the three goats Bruse. For invited kindergarten/school children only.

15:00: Who was Peter Egge? (only in Norwegian)

Peter Egge's Square has become a well-known urban space in Trondheim, not least after the great renovation last year. But who exactly was Peter Egge…?
The best to tell us something about this relatively forgotten Trondheim author is city historian Terje Bratberg. With enthusiastic communication the stage is set for a fine half-hour story. Click here to get a free ticket to the event.

DIGS Café is open.

In cooperation with Trondheim Public Library and DIGS.


Author Bjørn Rørvik. Photo: Tone S. Rørvik

Historian Terje Bratberg.