Trondheim Chamber Music Festival 23.-29. September 2019

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Trygve Brøske

Trygve Brøske is a pianist and composer/arranger residing in Trondheim. He is a versatile musician and composer, and has collaborated with different musicians such as Bjarne Brøndbo, Marianne Thorsen, the Trondheim Soloists and Moscow Balalaika Quartet. As a classical pianist, Brøske has been a soloist with the Trondheim Symphony Orchestra. He has performed works by Henning Sommerro and others, and is also an accompanist and chamber musician. Brøske has played with and accompanied a number of Norwegian pop artists, he plays folk music, and works as a pianist and organizer in the theater and cabaret genre. Brøske is the initiator and artistic director of the Stangvik Festival.