Trondheim Chamber Music Festival 22-29 SEPTEMBER 2024

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Olga Neuwirth

This year's festival composer is Olga Neuwirth, Austrian classical composer, visual artist, multimedia artist and author. Neuwirth is internationally renowned for the versatility of her musical statement that pushes boundaries to explore the possibilities of renewal and chart the unknown. She first attracted attention with operas and musical theater works, which often deal with current and political themes such as identity, violence and intolerance, but has so far written over 100 works in many different genres. From the age of 16, Neuwirth has worked closely with the Nobel Prize winner in literature, Elfriede Jelinek. Her exciting and relevant output over the past 30 years has made her one of the most celebrated personalities in the contemporary art world. Her genre-crossing works, which cannot be associated with any one school, are free and uninhibited.

1968: Born in Graz, Austria
2010: Großer Österreichischer Staatspreis
2021: Opus Klassik: composer of the year
2022: Grawemeyer Award for Music Composition
2022: Ernst von Siemens Musikpreis
Works by Neuwirth played at Kamfest 2022:
coronAtion II (2020)
coronAtion III (2020)
Die Stadt ohne Juden (2017)
Dobbelkonsert for cello, slagverk og orkester (2022) Urfremføring
In Nacht und Eis (2006)
Magic Flu­idity (2018)
Quasare/Pulsare II (2017)
Spleen I (1994)
Trurl­Tichy­Tinkle (2016)

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Photo: ©Harald Hoffmann