Trondheim Chamber Music Festival 24. SEPTEMBER-1. OCTOBER 2023


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Publisert: 20/04/2023


A tough guy falls. Punches a hole in the head and ends up in the hospital. Now it's up to Grid Nobel and the other brain cells. Can they work together to save the boy?

Kimen kulturhus: Wednesday 27 September 18.00
Olavshallen Lille sal: Saturday 30 September 15.00 and Sunday 1 October 17.00 

"Cella mi" is a musical theatre with wonderful costumes and scenography for the whole family. Enter the mind of a boy who falls off his bike and injures himself. The story is relatable and the drama about what happens in the brain when we injure ourselves is based on the latest news in brain research! On stage, we meet the different types of brain cells that sing about an exciting life in between our two ears. Some cells die, and some come to life...

With his distinctive tonal language and characteristic style, Bertil Palmar Johansen has been central to Trondheim's classical music scene for many decades and is known for his imaginative and varied music. Marit Nicolaysen (known for her popular children´s books about "Svein og rotta") guarantees a dramatic course of events, conveyed in a way that arouses curiosity, wonder and laughter. Both artists have on several occasions collaborated with May-Britt Moser and Edvard Moser and their brain research at the Kavli Institute in Trondheim (NTNU). In short, this collaboration is the best starting point for an artistic dissemination of the story about the brain cells.

Commander A: Håvard Stensvold, bass baritone
Commander B: Torstein Fosmo, tenor
Commander C: Siv Misund, mezzo-soprano
Brain cells: soloists/choir from Operaskolen og NTNU Department of Music

Composer: Bertil Palmar Johansen
Librettist: Marit Nicolaysen
Conductor: Eva Holm Foosnæs
Director: Marit Grytnes Dullaert
Scenographer: Anne Spets/Lars Eggen
Costume designer: Anne Spets
Mask designer: Maren Togstad
Orchestra: Fylkesmusikerne i Trøndelag
Choreographer: Karianna Sommerro
Instructors Operaskolen: Anne Kleivset (prosjektansvarlig), Oda Fredriksen, Sivert Jullumstrø, Karianna Sommerro

In collaboration with Opera Trøndelag.
Photo: Kristian Wanvik.