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Brett Dean, festivalkomponist 2011

Brett Dean is one of the most internationally performed composers of his generation, and during the festival the audience will be able to hear 11 of his compositions.

Brett Dean studied in Brisbane before moving to Germany in 1984 where he was a permanent member of the Berlin Philharmonic for fourteen years. Dean returned to Australia in 2000 to concentrate on his growing compositional activities, and his works now attract considerable attention, championed by conductors such as Sir Simon Rattle, Markus Stenz and Daniel Harding. Dean’s work draws from literary, political or visual stimuli, including a number of compositions inspired by paintings of his wife Heather Betts. Dean also performs widely, as solo viola player, chamber musician and conductor. These performing relationships inform and enhance his world as a composer. He will be playing his viola concert together with Trondheim Symphony Orchestra.

Brett Dean began composing in 1988, initially working on experimental film and radio projects and as an improvising performer. He became established as a composer through works such as his clarinet concerto Ariel´s Music (1995), which won an award, from the UNESCO International Rostrum of Composers. He has received a number of prizes for his work. He was also the artistic director at Australian National Academy of Music until June 2010.

One of the more famous compositions is Carlo for strings, sampler and tape. The work is inspired by Carlo Gesualdo and during the festival it is the TrondheimSoloists directed by Brett Dean who will give the audience an unforgettable experience.

“Brett Dean’s Carlo, a mesmeric score for strings, sampler and tape…shows again why Dean is perhaps the most significant of all Australian composers; written in 1997, it stands out as one of an increasingly small number of pieces that successfully mix live and electronic performance.” The Times, October 2001


What is it that attracts well know international composers to Trondheim Chamber Music Festival?

One of Trondheim chambermusicfestival’s hallmarks is the well-known festival composers visiting every year. But why do they come to “little” Trondheim? We asked this year’s festival composer about it:

What is the reason for accepting the offer from the "little” festival in Trondheim?
“Given the extraordinary list of visiting artists coming to Trondheim this year with whom I'll have the opportunity to perform, I don't think one can speak of a "little" festival, but of a significant event on the international music calendar and one which any musician would wish to be part of.”

“What are your expectations for the week in Trondheim and Trondheim Chamber Music Festival?
Ever since hearing about Trondheim from my brother Paul, who travelled there some years ago to play my clarinet concerto with Daniel Harding and the Trondheim Symphony, I've felt a desire to visit. It was, for me as a composer, one of the first performances of my music outside of Australia, and similarly for Paul one of his first international engagements. My discussions with the Trondheim team have been informed, inspiring and entertaining, displaying a great spirit of adventure, ambition and excitement in what they do, so I can't wait to see this all for myself. Also, I'll be able to experience it all together with my brother this time!”

What would be your recommendation to the audience in Trondheim when it comes to your work?
“I try to write music that engages the listeners via head, heart and stomach. So keep your ears and minds open and - I hope - you’ll then find things that will fascinate and give flight to your
imagination. “

The new sound landscape Brett Dean brings with him will challenge us to inspiration, reflection and joy! Welcome to Trondheim Chamber Music Festival 2011!

If you want to listen to some of Brett Dean’s music, you can find it on both Spotify and ITunes


Some of Brett Dean's music you can hear during the festival:
Intimate Decisions (1996)
Katz und Spatz (1999/2002)
Polysomnography (2007)
“Hundreds and Thousands” (1999)
Recollections (2006)
Twelve Angry Men (1996)
Pastoral Symphony (2000)
Viola Concerto (2004)
Epitaphs (2010)
Carlo (1997)
Some Birthday (1992)

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